I’m very pleased to present the courses that I can offer “straight out of the box”. I have got an introduction workshops (Welcome to) and advanced workshops (Let’s get to know better).

These workshops can be easily done on your location with the use of your equipment and software. I will deliver the self-made assets and create a unique workshop which will give you a lot of knowledge and ideas.

Welcome to Illustrator | Length 1 Day | New

In this Welcome to Adobe Illustrator workshop we’ll discover the basics, such as artboards, workspaces, layers, and shapes. We’ll discusses vector graphics—which are composed of paths, strokes, and fills—and shows how to create and edit them using the Illustrator drawing tools. We’ll also covers how to organize artwork into groups and layers, combine and clean up paths, work with type and effects, CC Libraries, print and export your work, and much more.

Welcome to After Effects | Length 1 Day

In this workshop I want to teach you everything you need to know to start working in After Effects. You will start with the program interface, going on with keyframing and later creating our first animations. This will be a basic course making a great intro to the motion design world.

Spark the creativity in the Classroom | Length 1 Day

Adobe Spark is a fantastic tool to use in education. Within a creativity workshop of one day you’ll be able to work with Adobe Spark Post, Page and Video. The tools are very easy to use and the options in the classrooms are unlimited. We’ll discuss and get hands on with Spark and other digital tools.

Welcome to Premiere Pro | Length 1 Day

Adobe Premiere Pro is a widely-used video and multimedia editing and post-production software. It’s highly recommended by the industry experts in film-making and broadcasting. At Cutaway you can learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to produce videos that have a professional look.

Let’s get know Premiere Pro better | Length 1 day

During this course, you’ll learn all about the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro on day one. You’ll come across a variety of subjects based on editing techniques and truly master the workflow and interface of this fantastic editing tool. During the second day, you’ll dive in deeper and learn all about colour correction, grading, audio, special effects, 360° video and more.

Welcome to UX design in Adobe XD | Length 1 day

In this Adobe XD (Adobe Experience Design) training course, you will become familiar with all of the tools you need to create awesome app designs. Throughout the course, we’ll be covering the different options available in Adobe XD, with each lesson contributing to us designing an app screen together, step-by-step.

Once you have completed the course, you will confidently be able to transform your own ideas into on-screen designs, and then bring these designs to life, by creating working prototypes that you can share online.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Basic Edit and Color | Length 1 day

Make your video stand out with DaVinci Resolve editing tutorials. DaVinci Resolve is the go-to tool for colourists on Hollywood films, commercials, and corporate video. Now it’s available to anyone on a Mac or PC. You can edit, colour correct, and render video without ever leaving the program. With my DaVinci Resolve Edit training, you can learn to edit your projects in this amazing tool.

Adobe Animate CC Web Animation | Length 1 day

Adobe Animate CC is the new industry standard application for creating rich animations for the web. Taking over where Flash left off, Animate provides a full set of features for creating cutting-edge interactive animations and publish them across all modern platforms. Now you can truly reach viewers on any desktop or mobile device with no restrictions.

With one day of training with help of all the assets made by Matthijs Clasener you’ll be able to create all your interactive content on your own.

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I’m working hard to expand my courses catalogue. Let me know what you are searching for and I’m sure I can provide a tailored course to suit your demands.


The courses on this page are well prepared. A one day course comes with a day price. Please ask for more details and VAT regulations.


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