About me

I’m Matthijs Clasener, I come from the Rotterdam region and you hear that sometimes. Trained as a multimedia designer, I started my career as a teacher at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. I started there in 2001 as a teacher, teaching almost all Adobe tools, and gradually took on more and different responsibilities, such as coordinating the animation training.

In 2010, I was asked to take on the role of Adobe Education Leader, which allowed me to learn a lot and build a great network.


I am passionate about regularly checking to ensure I’m staying up to date. Taking exams and earning recognized certifications is something I consistently engage in. As a result, I am certified in all Adobe Certified Associate programs!

Adobe Creative Educator Level 1
Adobe Creative Educator Level 2

I’m not only an Adobe Certified Expert for Premiere Pro, but I’m also a passionate Apple Educator, Google Educator, and an enthusiastic trainer for Blackmagic Design’s Davinci Resolve!

These days, alongside my job at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, I’m thrilled to run my own independent venture. In this exciting role, I conduct courses both on-site and online, and I absolutely love delivering sessions on the Adobe Education Exchange.

I find immense joy in leading engaging lectures and workshops. Lately, I’ve been a regular speaker at Adobe Education Events, Adobe Max, BETT, and various local educational gatherings. Feel free to reach out!

Specializing in Media Design, Animation, Editing, and Teaching—I’m all about sharing the enthusiasm!

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